How PAYPER manufactures and tests a Full-line Bagging Solution

  Published: 25/06/2020
 Categories: News Projects

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When one of Mexico’s most important chemical companies needed a new bagging- and palletizing solution they entrusted PAYPER to manufacture a complete end-of-line. The accuracy and the speed of the new line were among the company’s main concerns. They required their new line to meet the factory’s existing production speed.

In close cooperation with the client, we designed a complete bagging and palletizing line. The main components of the solution were: An FFS bagging machine, model ASSAC-L10 together with a palletizer and a stretch-wrapper to match the bagging machine’s output, optimizing the line completely to the client’s needs.

PAYPER designs and tailor-makes all vital parts of the line. In this way, we make sure that all components smoothly interact together.

We thoroughly test all machines before disassembly and shipment. All tests are concluded with a FAT to assure that the client is fully satisfied with the design and performance of the new installation before delivery.



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We will emerge from this together

  Published: 09/06/2020
 Categories: News

In PAYPER, we are confident that together we will emerge from this unprecedented situation, and for this reason, we continue working to adapt to a new horizon, with optimism and hope for a better world.

The construction of our new headquarters continues on schedule - watch the latest progress here.


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PAYPER opens the 8th subsidiary, PAYPER RUSSIA CIS

  Published: 03/06/2020
 Categories: News Expo Events

PAYPER has just opened its new subsidiary in Russia, following our strategy to be close to our clients. To us, proximity makes communication easier and service faster and more efficient – always thinking of our clients.

Mr Alexander Semernikov has been appointed Field Sales Manager in PAYPER RUSSIA CIS and he will coordinate the daily work as regards to sales and service in the Russian market.

Our agent in Russia during many years, SWEMA, will continue their excellent work in the market and will now be in direct contact with Alexander Semernikov.

The yearly Russian Sugar Seminar, “Technolog Club 2020” has been organized as a webinar on this occasion. PAYPER participated in the event again this year - watch the introduction of Alexander’s talk on “FFS Bagging Technology for Sugar” here.


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Brand new office in Bangkok

  Published: 09/04/2020
 Categories: News

PAYPER has just opened its 6th subsidiary, this time in Bangkok, Thailand. The new branch, PAYPER Asia Pacific, will service all clients in the Far East and Pacific regions.

“The increasing demand for bagging and palletizing solutions in this area, has made us establish a branch to attend directly to all sales and service matters in the region,” says PAYPER’s sales director Mr Jacky Fricker. “It is with great enthusiasm that we open our new office here. It underlines PAYPER’s will to be near the client to quickly attend to any sales or service query he may have. We want to shorten the lines of communication with our clients, and we believe that establishing ourselves directly in the region is the best way to meet our customers’ expectations.”

Mr Piti Lertbusayanukul has been appointed as Field Sales Manager in the new subsidiary. He will be the daily leader of the subsidiary and coordinate all sales and service actions in the area. He can be reached directly on e-mail:

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We keep in contact

  Published: 16/03/2020
 Categories: News

Useful contacts

Contact any person from PAYPER through the usual channels. If you do not have this information at hand, we have created these special email accounts that will continuously be checked by persons from each department:



Technical Service 

Spare Parts

Administration & Finance 

Factory & Suppliers















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Coronavirus - COVID-19 Protocol

  Published: 13/03/2020
 Categories: News

Protocol implemented in PAYPER

In PAYPER, we follow the development of the situation closely. We are alert and have taken a series of precautions, attending to the advice of the Spanish Public Authorities. Below find the main actions taken:

  • All travel activity has been postponed until further notice.
  • Nobody from PAYPER participates in external meetings and actually we do not receive visits from outside
  • Internal meetings with less than 10 persons
  • Preparation of possible teleworking to carry out jobs where it makes sense.

All our personnel in the subsidiaries will take similar steps, always attending to the advice of their respective local Public Authorities.


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Successful FAT

  Published: 24/02/2020
 Categories: News Projects

Our client Promat visited us in Lleida last week in connexion with the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of their new bagging installation. Promat supplies solutions for Passive Fire Protection and our Team in PAYPER Middle East has helped them to find a modern and versatile Open Mouth bagging solution. This new bagging-machine forms part of the automatization process of Promat’s plant in UAE. 


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Prize for Internationalization

  Published: 07/02/2020
 Categories: News

Proud to be among the finalists for the Prize for Small and Medium Enterprises of the Year, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Santander Bank! PAYPER collected the Finalist’s Award of Internationalization during yesterday’s ceremony.

We are genuinely pleased with this recognition of the efforts we have put into international actions of marketing bagging and palletizing solutions. Last year, we opened a new subsidiary, PAYPER Middle East and, in general, our international presence is getting bigger every day. These actions underline PAYPERs strategy of reinforcing the attention to our clients worldwide, optimizing our organization within sales and after-sales service.



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25th-anniversary PAYPER-TOMADONI

  Published: 23/01/2020
 Categories: News Events

We are celebrating! The cooperation between PAYPER and Tomadoni in the argentine market is now 25 years old.

The collaboration between Industrias Tomadoni and PAYPER started in January 1995 in order to open the local market for bagging equipment. Since then we have been very successful in developing our common project in Argentina, where ITSA has been marketing PAYPER’s solutions for dosing, weighing, bagging and palletizing.

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PAYPER has started construction of new headquarters

  Published: 19/12/2019
 Categories: News

PAYPER moves to new premises during the second half of 2020. The new installations in the industrial area “Vinyes del Mig” situated in Bell-lloc d’Urgell, give space for 8.000 m2 brand new production facilities and offices.

The more than 120 employees actually working in PAYPER’s two production facilities in Lleida and Alcarràs will all be gathered under one roof in Bell-lloc.

“With a growing turnover and a tendency for the bagging and palletizing installations to be bigger and bigger, we have realized the need for more space in the production area,” comments the board. “Therefore, it is with a lot of enthusiasm that we have started this project. The market is evolving, and we want to continue responding to our clients’ needs as regards to quality, progressive development and reliability. These new, ultra-modern production-facilities will definitely help us to be prepared for the future.”

The new buildings are located some 15 km from PAYPER’s actual installations, in a recently created industrial area right next to the highway to Barcelona.

The construction quickly starts taking shape now – watch the video here.


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Coronavirus – COVID-19

We keep in contact