Next-generation packaging lines for bulk solids.

The most precise bagging and palletizing lines

We are one of the leading manufacturers of complete bagging and palletizing lines.

We offer comprehensive tailor-made solutions, from silo to pallet protection.

We are proud to offer one of the most precise bagging systems on the market for bulk solids.

We create solutions for any required production capacity: from a low to a high degree of automation.


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Automating your production line

& weighing
& overwrapping

We are proud to offer one of the most accurate weighing systems in the bagging industry. We achieve extreme accuracy through the MCB+ electronic weight controller accredited by official metrology institutions. Specifically designed for bagging processes for all types of free-flowing and non-free-flowing products, such as granules, flakes or powders.

50 years of experience in developing high-performance bagging machines


Highly versatile bagging on the same production line, allowing you to use a variety of open-mouth bag designs (such as gusseted, flat bottom, folded bottom…), different materials (such as paper, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), aluminium…), and various sizes and types of products.

PAYPER manufactures a wide range of open-mouth bagging machines to offer the best solution to fit your needs.

We also offer semi-automatic versions.


For valve bags made of paper, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Valve bagging machines are especially suited for powder products or mixtures of powdered and granulated products.

We use a unique fluidization system for filling the valve bags and optionally we can fit an ultrasonic valve sealing system.

Available in semi-automatic, fully automatic or combined with robotic bag placement and palletizing.


The FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bagger shapes, fills and seals the bag. It is the most efficient solution for bagging powdered or granulated products in PE or aluminum bags.

The FFS bagging range reaches speeds of 2,600 bags per hour depending on the characteristics of your product.

Anti-corrosion and ATEX options available.


Big bag filling machines are the ideal solution for filling Jumbo-bags and Bulk super-sacs before transport and storage of bulk materials. Suitable for most dry bulk goods, such as chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, plastic pellets, building materials and food products.

Single and stack solution.

End-of-line solutions for perfect pallet stability and protection. 


The SCARA (Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm) palletizer model stands out for being a single-column palletizing robot, ideal for small spaces.


Anthropomorphic robot for highly flexible palletizing solutions such as multi-line palletizing or the simultaneous creation of multiple pallets.


Ideal palletizer palletizing solution for when open-mouth bags need to be overlapped.

Based on conventional mechanics for easy maintenance.

Several models available: low or high level infeed, from medium to high production capacities.


Ideal palletizer palletizing solution for FFS or valve bags.

Based on conventional mechanics which allows easy maintenance.

Several models are available: low or high level infeed, from medium to high production capacities.

Maximum protection during the transport and storage of products.

In order to ensure safe transport and a maximum level of protection during the storage of products, the process is completed by overwrapping the pallet with a protective film.

At PAYPER, we offer two different systems: stretch wrapping machines and stretch hooding machines. Designed with different technologies that adapt to speeds and production volumes of all levels.


We established our subsidiary in the United States in Atlanta, Georgia. Together with the team of PAYPER's Mexican subsidiary in Querétaro, we provide sales advice, technical assistance and spare parts to our customers in America.

We have established a wide network of agents covering the following states: CA, NV, UT, AZ, TX, OK, AR, LA, MS, GA, FL, SC, NC, VA, MO, KY, IL, ND, SD, MN, IA, WI.

Since 1994 we have delivered more than 450 bagging and palletizing installations in America alone.

Our global team of 130+ highly skilled professionals provide rapid assistance throughout the product’s life cycle. Our efficient worldwide sales and service organization is composed of 8 subsidiaries ready to answer any question from our clients.


Our extensive international experience has allowed us to master the intricacies of bagging in multiple sectors, from the agro-food industry to the chemical and construction industries.

Pet food


4000+ projects worldwide
75+ countries with PAYPER projects installed
40+ countries represented by our 8 subsidiaries and our sales network
50+ years of experience
50+ engineers form our Innovation and Projects team
40+ members making up our Technical Service team

already trusted us

"Technical service is one of PAYPER's strongest points. Installation and commissioning were 100% monitored and supervised by PAYPER's local team in São Paulo and by the team at the Headquarters in Spain. The team now remains fully available for emergency response, for scheduling preventive maintenance and for spare parts management"
Felipe Oliveira
Engineering – Project Manager at DSM, Brazil
“PAYPER has given us a new standard in palletizing our product, serum powder. We have seen great improvements in transport for our customers due to the quality of the bagging and the perfect assembly of the pallets. We were also able to eliminate the risk of physical contamination during filling. We now have a restricted area with limited access only to machine operators. Another very strong point is the after-sales service. They have always solved all of our problems."
Adelar Tamanho
Plant Manager at Sooro Renner Nutrição S.A., Brazil

“Coming from one of the most remote and inhospitable places in the world, we can ship quality and competitively bagged products to every continent on the planet, directly to end consumers. The commitment of PAYPER staff helped us gain confidence in the quality and capacity that we achieved in the filling of special products such as Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate and fertilizer mixtures”

Antonio de Urruticoechea
ACF Minera S.A., Department of Nitrates, Chile

"We installed a PAYPER automatic station to bag our products in open-mouth bags. We decided to put our trust in PAYPER because they perfectly understood what our needs were from the very beginning. Throughout all phases of the project, PAYPER has been by our side offering their experience and knowledge. Now that we have the bagging machine in operation, we can confirm that we made the right decision”

Promat Middle East
United Arab Emirates

“PAYPER had an advantage when it came to being selected again for our new investment, as they had already proven their quality – a pair of machines working well for almost 13 years, simple, durable and reliable, with high-quality components and friendly and specialist technical support”



We design complete turnkey bagging lines that increase production in a flexible, precise and reliable manner.