Legal Notice

General data

In compliance with that foreseen in article 10 Law 34/2002, of 11th July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce" (hereafter LSSI), users of the portal are informed that the identifying data of the proprietor of the domain and internet portal (hereafter are:

  • Proprietor: PAYPER, S.A.
  • CIF: A25011180.
  • Inscription data: Company registered in the Mercantile Registration of Lleida, Volume 37, I Leaf 46, Sheet 492.
  • Registered office: Pol. Ind. “Vinyes del Mig”, parc. 12-14, CP 25220  Bell-lloc d’Urgell (Lleida).
  • Address for purposes of notifications: Pol. Ind. “Vinyes del Mig”, parc. 12-14, CP 25220  Bell-lloc d’Urgell (Lleida).
  • Electronic mail:
  • Tel. contact: +34 973216040
  • Fax: +34 973205893

Conditions of use

1. PAYPER, S.A., has at the users' disposal the web portal, whose sole purpose is to provide information on the products and services it offers in the exercise of its economic activity.

2. Any person gaining access to the content of the web portal will be considered a user for the purposes of the current legal warning.

3. Access or use of the web portal by the user is free, voluntary and without charge; it supposes full acceptance of the terms and conditions making up the present legal warning and it implies that they recognize having read and accepted them. In the event of non- acceptance, they must abstain from accessing or using the portal.

4. The purpose of the web portal is solely informative. The web portal in no way has as its purpose that of providing services or electronic contracting. For this reason, access or use of the web portal can never be considered a provider of services, nor contractual nor pre-contractual relationship, with the users.

5. The user should make appropriate, proportionate and licit use of the web portal and its content, respecting the norms, terms and conditions of the current portal at all times, as well as the legislation currently in force, the current generally accepted morals and good customs and public order.

6. Any action aimed at altering the content or operation of the web portal is totally forbidden.

7. To access and use the web portal, no registration or user identification is necessary.

In case the user remits some type of information to PAYPER, S.A., either by subscription in the contact form or by any other means, the user is obliged to facilitate information or contents that are licit, truthful, exact and of free disposition that do not infringe any norm, especially those relative to the protection of data of personal character, intellectual and industrial property and that do not harm goods or rights of third parties liable to compensation, nor legal or contractual duty of secret or confidentiality; any variation of these circumstances should be communicated immediately to PAYPER, S.A.,.

In any case, the user exonerates PAYPER, S.A. and all persons dependent on them from responsibility for the reception, possession or use of said information or contents remitted by the user.

Intellectual and industrial property

1. The user recognizes and accepts that the whole content of the web portal, including merely as examples and not limitative to, the texts, messages, pictures, designs, logos, source code, graphics, images, drawings, audio, videotape, computer programs, databases, multimedia products, the "look-and-feel", the trademarks, the commercial names and the distinctive signs that appear in it, etc.. These are the exclusive property of PAYPER, S.A.  or they are used by them by virtue of contract, authorization or licenses from the legitimate proprietor.

Consequently, the whole content of the portal is protected by the Laws and other norms on intellectual and industrial property.

2. The designs, patents, models of utility and trademarks of the group of products, machinery, facilities, pieces, utensils and other objects that are publicized in the present web portal, are the exclusive property of PAYPER, S.A., and consequently they are protected by the legislation as regards intellectual and industrial property, especially by the norms of design protection, patents and trademarks.

3. Access by the user to this web portal  does not imply any type of renouncement, transmission, total or partial surrender or license of the said rights of intellectual and industrial property, nor does it confer any right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, of registration by any system of information recovery, nor of any other type of right, without the previous and express authorization in writing of the respective holders of the said rights.

Consequently, any modality of exploitation, reproduction, copy or imitation, transformation, distribution, cession to third parties, public communication, as well as any activity that attempts against the rights of intellectual or industrial property is completely forbidden, by any means or medium, above all the elements contained or published in the web, without the express authorization of PAYPER S.A., having been obtained previously.

4. The user is authorized to access, visualize, print, download and store the contents and/or elements contained in the web exclusively for their own personal, private and non-profit use, i.e. without commercial ends, as long as their origin and the symbol of the copyright and/or notes of industrial property of their holders is indicated.

5. The user undertakes to not suppress or alter the mentions as copyright, © and TM that appear in the Web page, in any one of the materials contained in it, in any one of its services or information obtained through it, with the purpose of assuring the protection of the said rights.

6. PAYPER S.A., reserves the right to the exercise of any administrative, extrajudicial or judicial action in defence or protection of its rights.


1. PAYPER, S.A. undertakes to make all reasonable efforts to guarantee the accessibility and availability of the portal throughout all days of the year.

Even so, PAYPER, S.A. does not guarantee nor hold itself responsible for the availability, continuous access, nor the correct visualization, downloading or utility of the portal or of the elements and information contained in the pages of PAYPER, S.A.  that may find themselves handicapped, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances that are beyond its control, nor that the information be exact, complete or current, nor that illegitimate interferences can exist by means of the use of malign programs of any type and through any means of communication, such as computer viruses or any others.

2. PAYPER, S.A. reserves the right to alter, eliminate, interrupt, suspend and cancel the access, services or contents of the portal without necessity of previous notice and at any moment.

3. The User recognizes and accepts that the access and use of the portal, of the contents and/or of the services is carried out freely, voluntary and free of charge and, under their sole and exclusive responsibility, and exempts PAYPER, S.A.  from any responsibility for harm, damages, losses, claims or any other expense of any nature that can derive from the access or use of the web portal  in its entirety.

Consequently, user access of the present web portal being free, free of charge and of voluntary character, as indicative and not exhaustive nor limitative, will in no case generate responsibility by PAYPER, S.A., the defects, errors or lack of truthfulness of the information or of update, the difficulty and limitation of access, the lack of availability, continuity or utility of the operation of the web portal  and of the contents or services that are incorporated, the defect of visualization, illegitimate interferences by means of the use of malign programs of any type and through any means of communication (computer virus or any other), errors of security or navigation produced by malfunction of the navigator or by the use of non up-to-date versions of the same, the harm and damages at large derived from access to the content to other portals or contents of third parties and, in short, from any act or event that can derive from the access or use of the web portals of PAYPER, S.A.  

 4. PAYPER, S.A.  places links to other contents of third parties at the disposal of users for purely informative purposes that in the moment previous to their inclusion have been tested, but without at any moment knowing, controlling, endorsing or recommending the contents, products or services facilitated by the websites to which it establishes links.

For this reason PAYPER, S.A.  does not assume any responsibility for any aspect relating to the web page to which a connection is established from the present web portal.

In the case that for reasons beyond the will of PAYPER, S.A.  a user accesses by means of any link from the present web portal another whose content, activity or information is illicit or damages goods or rights of third parties liable for compensation, they must communicate it to the electronic mail address that is at the user's disposal, so as to inform of these facts and proceed to the immediate suppression or disabling of the link where appropriate.

5. Any person who wants to include a connection or link to the website of PAYPER, S.A. in their web page or any other application, must fulfil the following conditions:

  • The link will only be allowed at the start page, i.e., Deep links and frames are therefore forbidden.
  • False, incorrect or denigrating manifestations or indications in connection to PAYPER, S.A., its management, its employees, its products, etc., that are contrary to the law, morals or good customs shall not be made.
  • Connections from pages that contain illicit or illegal contents or manifestations of xenophobic, racist, degrading, or pornographic character, that attempt against the public order or against the norms of civic mindedness and peaceful coexistence and, in short, of any other type that can harm the good image, fame and reputation of PAYPER, S.A.  are not authorized.
  • The establishment of the link does not suppose that there exists some type of link or legal relationship between PAYPER, S.A. and the holder of the Web page in which it is established.
  • PAYPER, S.A. shall not be responsible for the contents or services offered in the Web from which the link is made.

Applicable law

All the conditions making up the present legal warning shall be interpreted and governed in conformity with the Spanish and community legislation applicable, to which the proprietor of the web portal and the users of it undertake expressly.