Case Story: Fully Equipped Bagging Machine, made for the Versatile Conditions in the Pet Food Industry

  Published: 26/11/2020
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Our client needed a fully automatic, modern and top-performing bagging machine with all the features to face the actual and future demands in the Pet-Food sector.

They approached us because they had experienced considerable growth and they needed to expand their production capacity. Together we designed their new bagging-line.

Products and bags

When we first discussed this new Pet Food bagging project, it was clear that the client needed a very flexible solution. Like most Pet Food manufacturers, the list of different products was very long: More than 60 products and different kibble sizes that should be packed in bags from 5 to 20 kg.

We analysed the wide spectrum of bag types and materials: Laminated aluminium, polyethylene and laminated woven polypropylene bags. Some of them were equipped with a zip or a slider and some with Velcro-closure. Some should be filled from the mouth and others from the bottom, including double bottom bags.

The required rate was to match the extruder’s capacity of 10.000 kg per hour.


Our recommendation was the CSA MD-105, a truly versatile solution, that would adapt perfectly to all these different needs.

It was equipped with a multiple empty bags magazine that confers great autonomy to the installation. The client wanted to print the batch number and the expiry date on the empty bag. We fitted a thermal printing station that ensures a perfect marking due to the exact stopping position of the bag.

To guarantee outstanding precision while maintaining the high-speed filling rate, we agreed on a double dosing and weighing system with vibrating channel.

When a bag is fitted with a zip or a Velcro closing, that is unintentionally closed, the filling mouth has a special feature, that opens the bag without damaging the bag’s external decoration. 

A de-aeration system evacuates the air in the bag before the final closure by welding. Optionally we have left one station open in the CSA MD 105. At a later stage, we can fit a probe with a double function: It empties the bag of air and it can fill it with an inert gas.

Before the final closing of the bag in the welding station, an alignment system to level the bag’s mouth assures a perfectly positioned welding on the very top of the bag with an excellent finish. The welding station is capable of making a double welding if required.

The hygienic aspect has been particularly addressed by means of the integration of an automatic air cleaning system. The dosing and weighing system together with the connecting hopper and the bagging mouth are designed to ensure that there is no retention area. Therefore, the automatic air cleaning cycle ensures perfect cleaning of all parts that come in contact with the product. All PAYPER machines can be accessed from all four sides, including from the electrical cabinet, a feature that makes maintenance and cleaning very easy.


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