PAYPER has started construction of new headquarters

  Published: 19/12/2019
 Categories: News

PAYPER moves to new premises during the second half of 2020. The new installations in the industrial area “Vinyes del Mig” situated in Bell-lloc d’Urgell, give space for 8.000 m2 brand new production facilities and offices.

The more than 120 employees actually working in PAYPER’s two production facilities in Lleida and Alcarràs will all be gathered under one roof in Bell-lloc.

“With a growing turnover and a tendency for the bagging and palletizing installations to be bigger and bigger, we have realized the need for more space in the production area,” comments the board. “Therefore, it is with a lot of enthusiasm that we have started this project. The market is evolving, and we want to continue responding to our clients’ needs as regards to quality, progressive development and reliability. These new, ultra-modern production-facilities will definitely help us to be prepared for the future.”

The new buildings are located some 15 km from PAYPER’s actual installations, in a recently created industrial area right next to the highway to Barcelona.

The construction quickly starts taking shape now – watch the video here.


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