PAYPER presents digitalized, complete bagging lines

  Published: 20/10/2022
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Pack Expo, Chicago, IL. October 7, 2022 – PAYPER, one of the leading European manufacturers of complete bagging lines, is presenting PULSAR, an all-in-one digital solution for advanced bagging management, at Pack Expo (Booth N-2676 – North Building).

PAYPER has positioned itself as a solid partner for those companies producing bulk goods who are looking for automatic, cost-effective and connected solutions for the bagging process. PAYPER offers comprehensive tailor-made solutions, from dosing to pallet protection. Highly efficient and reliable machinery for any required production capacity: from a high to a low degree of automation. Below is an overview of the product range:

  • The most accurate weighing system in the bagging industry.
  • High-performance automatic bagging machines for open mouth bags, valve bags and FFS-tubular bags. Also, filling stations for Big Bag production lines.
  • A wide range of robot palletizers and conventional palletizers for perfect pallet stability.
  • End-of-line solutions for ideal finishing and protection such as wrapping machines and stretch hood machines.


High accuracy

PAYPER offers one of the most accurate dynamic weighing systems in the bagging industry. Very high accuracy is achieved through the MCB+ electronic weight controller, which is accredited by official metrology institutions. It is specifically designed for the bagging of all types of solid products: granules, flakes and fine powders.


PULSAR, world premiere. 

Innovative Digital Ecosystem for Advanced Bagging Management

PAYPER is using the prestigious Pack Expo 2022 trade show to launch Pulsar, the latest innovation in the field of cloud-based software solutions to take After-Sales Service to the next level. Responding to customer requests for a real-time, flexible and high-productivity digital tool, Pulsar digitalizes production data, performs predictive maintenance while at the same time increasing the lifetime and effectiveness of the bagging machinery.

The complete Pulsar solution offers different modules that, among other functions, can:

  1. Obtain real-time Key Performance Indicators and data analytics at any time and any place.
  2. Perform Predictive Maintenance: streamline the maintenance processes to reduce machinery downtime.
  3. Quick management and monitoring of orders and deliveries of spare parts.
  4. Remote training, technical support and real-time diagnostics thanks to advanced augmented reality and collaborative tools.

We are proud to present PULSAR to the industry for the first time, an innovative all-in-one set of digital solutions for the bagging process. Our customers now have a new tool that allows them to make data-driven decisions, be more productive, develop risk management, plan ahead, make real-time communications... PULSAR is the result of 3 years of hard work by a dedicated internal team of engineers. We are looking forward to our customers using it.”, says Josep Mª Godia, Managing Director at PAYPER.


Strong presence in America

PAYPER announces the establishment of a new subsidiary in the United States, PAYPER North America, which it is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Sales advice, technical assistance and spare parts management is provided to all the customers in North America together with PAYPER’s Mexico team. The Mexican subsidiary operates as a spare parts distribution center for Central and North America.

PAYPER has installed more than 450 bagging and palletizing projects in Latin America since 1994.

David Ranera, Sales Director at PAYPER: “Pack Expo is a great opportunity for us. On the one hand, we are announcing the creation of a new subsidiary in the United States to technically and commercially support our current customers. It’s a solid step after more than 25 years in Latin America with more than 450 successful projects and 2 subsidiaries in the continent: Mexico and Brazil. On the other hand, it lets us present our wide-ranging portfolio to create highly productive and flexible production lines. Never before has it been as complete as it is now”.

To personally discover more about the PAYPER brand's range of products and the innovative Pulsar ecosystem, visit us at booth N-6276 at Pack Expo in Chicago from October 23 to 26. Our experts will be happy to welcome you.



PAYPER's headquarters was established near Barcelona, in Spain, in 1973. PAYPER designs and manufactures next-generation packaging lines for bulk solids. Specific solutions for dosing, weighing, bagging, palletizing and overwrapping.

Customers in more than 75 different countries have chosen PAYPER as their supplier for over 4,000 projects. With almost 50 years on the market, it has gained extensive knowledge in numerous sectors, from the agro-food industry to the chemical and construction industries.

A global team of 140+ highly skilled professionals provide rapid assistance throughout the product’s life cycle. An efficient worldwide sales and service organization is composed of 8 subsidiaries and an extensive network of agents, ready to answer all of the customer’s questions.

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